Monday, November 22, 2010

Sending you loads of love...!

Hey all..!
Its Novemeber, and my calender is loaded with so many birthday reminders.. and it's one of my childhood friend, who's b'day is coming up...
I made this card for her :)
I love this  week's  play date cafe color's challenge. They are simply awesome and i got inspired with the color's in making this card.
I enter this card for play date cafe color's challenge.
I also enter this card for

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Case study challenge

This is my first Case Study Challenge, I have been longing to do one of it's project, but time has never permitted me...
another good news is that i got back to my work after a year's long of break. I got back to my designing desk.. Yeah back to jewelery designer designation. I am loving my work, perhaps no time for crafting. :(
I somehow took some time and here's my card which i made it for my friend and ofcourse for the Case Study challenge.
I have finally got one and i chose the  November muse and it is Heather Pulvirenti .
I simply loved her card, themed up with retro.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Inspired by Nature..!!

Hello everybody..!

I made this card for 
CraftyJC Challenge Blog and  Yvonne's  handmade challenge .
I was longing to make a card and i finally made this one for my sis's wedding anniversary and the challenge was the right time for me to take part. I love nature and that made me choose the inspiration of Suddha Kalra.The moment i saw the inspiration challenge loads of ideas were running on my head and so is my sis's wedding anniversary is nearby. So i thought this would be the one i would choose and make this for her and i hope she would smile out! I have fallen in love with quilling and would want to add on with everything i make.
When anyone think about nature anyone and everyone falls in love with flowers.

Yvonne's  handmade challenge..! The challange for  Yvonne's  was handmade flowers. oh yea it's absolutely great feeling for me to participate.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 1st ever challenge- Craft JC challenge

Its been a recent journey of just over a year into the crafting world and I lam loving every bit of it.
It has been very exciting journey and I am still learning with every creation and definitely get inspired learning new things every day..! I am passionate about quilling. I love this art form. Most of the cards i make, have quilling on them if not i would love to play with color's and patterns.
This is my 1st ever Challenge and am already excited for being a part of it.
I wanted to be a part of  CraftyJC Challenge, and i approached Jaya.
She was very kind enough to encourage me to be a part of it. Thank you so much Jaya. 

And the challenge was: 1-2-3 Get Set Go!!

1. Patterned Paper,
2. Colors- Brown and Pink,
3. Embellishments.
I have made this card. Do have a look.

The Pink Diaper Cake

26th feb, was something spl for me.. yeah it was my adorable niece who turned 1. It was months back i planned for her. And i thought of making something which my sis and her baby would love it. I made a diaper cake for her. This was something i imagined and thought lets give it a try. have a look and please share your comments:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hi i am Priyanka, 25 year old and a passionate lover towards crafts and creativity from Chennai. I have done my jewelery designing and gemology course. I worked as a jewelery designer and have an experience of 2 year’s. Designing is something i really love to do. Since the time i have quit my work i started developing a passion towards crafts and simultaneously i even work as a freelancer in designing jewelery. I also love photography and travelling.
I desire that i should possess more craft knowledge and have a store of mine. I really wish to explore in the world of crafts.
Happy crafting :)