Monday, October 18, 2010

Inspired by Nature..!!

Hello everybody..!

I made this card for 
CraftyJC Challenge Blog and  Yvonne's  handmade challenge .
I was longing to make a card and i finally made this one for my sis's wedding anniversary and the challenge was the right time for me to take part. I love nature and that made me choose the inspiration of Suddha Kalra.The moment i saw the inspiration challenge loads of ideas were running on my head and so is my sis's wedding anniversary is nearby. So i thought this would be the one i would choose and make this for her and i hope she would smile out! I have fallen in love with quilling and would want to add on with everything i make.
When anyone think about nature anyone and everyone falls in love with flowers.

Yvonne's  handmade challenge..! The challange for  Yvonne's  was handmade flowers. oh yea it's absolutely great feeling for me to participate.