Saturday, February 19, 2011

Secret Sweetheart Swap

Hi all.
I am very sorry for the delay.. Thanks to Asha, who gave us the opportunity of the "Secret Sweetheart" swap. Today I am sharing my secret sweetheart swap (an event exclusively for Indian Crafters ) card and goodies. It was a wonderful event where each participant was assigned a secret sweetheart and they were to to send some love all the way. I enjoyed the most :) My Secret Sweetheart was Tejal. I am new to this blogland. Trying to know people and  everyone are so over whelming. This card was to Tejal and she's definitely a sweetheart. Here's what i made for her

I was the secret sweetheart for Deepti Agarwal and look what she has sent for me all the way from bangalore.

 Ain't they yummy..  She's a sweetheart. So many ribbons and buttons along with the lovely card. What else i could ask for. so many colorful ribbons and buttons. I was almost jumping when i opened the pack. ha ha. 
Thanks deepti! 

Thanks for visting..!


  1. Lovely creation.
    Sweetheart event is such a wonderful event.

  2. Oh wow! What a cute card and lovely goodies to play with!

  3. hi Priyanka,
    I tried to leave a comment a couple of days ago buy ot obvioudly didn't save. I love this card, the three little faces in the cupcake holders are super cute.

    Thanks so so much for your encouraging comments on my blog,they keep me motivated

  4. cute card! love the stash too!