Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For all the Jewelery Lover's...!

Hey alll...!
I know i disappeared for long.. i was totally away from the crafts though i always think of doing some or the other thing but i end up doing nothing.. Though i am very much active to this blogland.. I make it a point to visit the works of bloggers... But i just don't find time. I have been really busy with my work.  I have been designing all day long. 
Many might not be knowing what profession i am into. Ha ha.. never mind. so what if i cant present my cards, at least i can show you some of my work.. I was working for bridal jewellery's all this season finally i am done with it. Just waiting for the masterpieces. 
Ok to all the ladies who just love jewellery's just have a look...! These are few of my work which is designed and turned into masterpiece.
To one's who wants to have ideas can always mail me. I am there to help you out.

Am emerald diamond and baguettes ring set in 18K yellow gold.

Pair of diamond earrings channel set with round brilliant cut diamonds with a mother of pearl hanging from it

A pair of earrings studded with emeralds and red enamel

This is just to show you all ...!
i would appreciate if you comment and give me your views.
I really miss crafting...!


  1. Very beautiful...loved the last one

  2. these are beautiful, i love the mother of pearl one, great job!

  3. wow...i just love the first ring...its so pretty

  4. These are lovely! I love the ring! :)

  5. butfl priyanka,love all 3,but my fav is pendants:))
    I hav a award for u in my blog:)

  6. hi Priyanka,
    this jewellery is just gorgeous.You are truly blessed to have this jewellery design talent. I am originally from Karachi and when I went back on holidays I had to buy some Indian/Pakistani jewellery,none of what I purchased was as lovely as this.

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I am not sure but I think you want one of the latest cards Mother's day cards that I have made.I am more than happy to send it to you as a gift for being such a loyal supporter of my work,just let me know.

  7. so beautiful jewellery can't seem to take my eyes off it wowers...